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Trailblazer: The Power of Business as the Greatest Platform for Change (English Edition) Trailblazer isn t just a lively account of how Marc founded a market leading company that does well while doing good It s a guide for what every business and organisation must do to thrive in this period of profound political and economic change Marc believes that everyone from the top executive to the new hire should contribute to their communities with the same passion they apply to building their companies and careers And he s right Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase In the past, great leaders had a vision, and the brains to achieve it But great leaders in the Fourth Industrial Revolution must have soul, in addition to brains and vision In Trailblazer, Marc Benioff, one of the most successful and enlightened business leaders, reminds us of our responsibilities to our stakeholders, laying out a clear path for how business and technology can help build a better future for us all Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Corporate leaders today have to deliver growth with an eye toward societal impact Marc Benioff is the rare CEO who has put this into practice In Trailblazer, he shows us how he did it, and gives us a roadmap to do the same It is a must read book for every leader who is purpose driven Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo In Trailblazer, Marc shares his journey establishing a set of values deeply woven into the fabric of Salesforce By creating a company rooted in trust, Marc explores how companies can nurture a value based culture to become powerful platforms for change Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube Marc Benioff is a champion inways than one I was truly inspired by his example of how values like trust, inclusion and giving back are the foundation of successful businesses and careers Trailblazer lays out a model for a winning culture where everyone has an equal opportunity to have their voice heard Billie Jean King With intelligence, candor and spiritual depth, Benioff generously shares invaluable lessons often learned the hard way working through contentious and challenging situations from two decades leading one of the world s most admired companies From the Salesforce teams that have collectively volunteered millions of hours to improve public schools and other compelling causes, to the company s stance on social issues beyond the bottom line, Benioff sets an incredibly inspiring example willi Words like value, profit and loss are turned on their head by Marc in this pioneering guidebook Value comes from values who profits, who loses Reading a balance sheet means balancing interests way beyond the boardroom Bono, lead singer of U In Trailblazer, Marc Benioff offers a window into the values that made him a uniquely capable and compassionate leader and role model capitalist His book is the gold standard on how to use business as a platform for change at this urgent time Trailblazer is a must read for anyone who aspires to lead from a place of wisdom and truth Ray Dalio, author of Principles Trailblazer is an urgent and compelling book for anyone in business who yearns to fulfil a higher mission in the world Marc s powerful and poignant stories of leadership remind each of us what we can achieve when we abandon business as usual and make our values the driving force of our work Richard BransonUrgent and compelling Richard Branson The gold standard on how to use business as a platform for change Ray Dalio For too long, many have felt that business focuses too much on profit and not enough on its responsibilities, but now in Trailblazer, Innovator of the Decade Marc Benioff shows how all of that can change for the better When Salesforce chairman and CEO Benioff called forregulation on the tech industry during the Davos World Economic Forum, and followed it up by saying Facebook should be regulatedin the same way you regulated the cigarette industry , he found himself at the centre of a storm This was not what people expected to hear from a hugely successful tech entrepreneur, and some industry leaders began calling him to say how he had betrayed them But Benioff shows how he created a company committed to shared values in everything they do, creating a model for others to follow if they want to thrive in today s business environment, where criticism of corporate greed is bringing new pressures on industry At Salesforce, the aim was to take decisions that were not only good for business, but also for society as a whole, and this book will show you how to make these positive steps Benioff believes that, in future, the only businesses that will thrive are those that take an active role in making the world a better place Trailblazer is a guidebook to help leaders, employees and customers to prepare for the next phase of global capitalism the arrival of business for good

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Trailblazer: The Power of Business as the Greatest Platform for Change (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Marc Benioff author readers around the world.

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