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Dare to Lead (Hörbuch-Download): Amazon.de: Brené Brown, Brené Brown, Random House Audiobooks: Audible Audiobooks the last book from Brene Brown is mind blowing her suggestions and approach are inspiring Could not follow, honestly Sollte jede F hrungskraft gelesen haben Top Shipment was excellent and very fast.I did not really ready the whole book so I send it right away, Was very dissapointed was nothing new, lots of the text was from previous books. Ich habe das Buch als H rbuch gelesen und es hat mir sehr gut gefallen, dass die Autorin das Buch selbst vertont hat Brene Brown hat eine angenehme Stimme und vermittelt beim Lesen eine starke, positive Energie, die das Zuh ren zur Freude macht Auch erh lt der Text durch ihre Stimme eine authentische Note.Beim Inhalt an sich bin ich etwas zwiegespalten F r meinen Geschmack wurden zu viele Passagen teils wortw rtlich aus den vorherigen B chern der Autorin bernommen Dar ber bin ich beim Lesen immer mal wieder gestolpert und das hat mich etwas aus dem Lesefluss gebracht Der Anteil an neuen Informationen war dadurch geringer als erhofft Seine St rken konnte das Buch dann aufzeigen, wenn die Autorin anhand von Beispielen aus der Arbeitswelt die Umsetzung ihres Ansatzes dargestellt hat Dadurch konnte ich je viel lernen, von diesen Passagen h tte ich gerne mehr gehabt.Insgesamt ist Dare to lead ein interessantes und wichtiges Buch, wenn man auf der Suche nach Ideen ist, um die Kultur und das Klima am Arbeitsplatz zu verbessern Wer die vorherigen Werke der Autorin bereits kennt, sollte sich darauf gefasst machen, dass der Anteil an Wiederholungen etwas hoch ist. A must to read. It is a good book and it improves as you go through it However, the author, who is a professor, ought to realise that the use of gutter language, which might be acceptable in the USA, does not enhance her book and limits the book s saleability in other markets For someone of her level, it is disappointing in that respect. Brought to you by Penguin How do you cultivate braver, daring leaders And how do you embed the value of courage in your culture Written and read by NYT best seller Bren Brown, Dare to Lead answers these questions and gives us actionable strategies and real examples from her new research based, courage building programme Leadership is not about titles, status and power over people Leaders are people who hold themselves accountable for recognising the potential in people and ideas and developing that potential This is an audiobook for everyone who is ready to choose courage over comfort, make a difference and lead When we dare to lead, we don t pretend to have the right answers we stay curious and ask the right questions We don t see power as finite and hoard it we know that power becomes infinite when we share it and work to align authority and accountability We don t avoid difficult conversations and situations we lean into the vulnerability that s necessary to do good work But daring leadership in a culture that s defined by scarcity, fear and uncertainty requires building courage skills, which are uniquely human The irony is that we re choosing not to invest in developing the hearts and minds of leaders at the same time we re scrambling to figure out what we have to offer that machines can t do better and faster What can we do better Empathy, connection and courage, to start I first discovered Bren Brown when I saw her TED talk titled The Power of Vulnerability Which Brown followed up with a TED Talk, Listening to Shame.So when I started on a leadership course at work, I decided to buy Dare To Lead by Bren Brown.Dare To Lead is about leadership that is vulnerable, values based, trusting and resilient The book is split into four parts.The first and biggest part is Rumbling with Vulnerability In this section Brown discusses what vulnerability is, why it is important, myths about vulnerability, using courage to drop our armor as leaders, dealing with shame and empathy and curiosity grounded in confidence.The second part is Living Into Our Values Values are very important to me, so unsurprisingly this was my favorite part of the book This section covers what our own values are, what organisational values can be and how to turn values into measurable behaviours The List of Values activity I completed with some of my colleagues at work and I found it an incredibly useful in terms of learning about them and what they value Since I have also contributed to a consultation at work around our organisational values.The third part of the book is Braving Trust This section of the book is all about building trust as a leader and recognising how trust is built up gradually over time and can be easily lost.The fourth part of the book is Learning to Rise which is all about resilience This part of the book is about recognising emotion within ourselves and others as a leader, being curious about emotions and being self aware enough to recognise what is going on emotionally for ourselves and others.Throughout Dare To Lead are many helpful strategies that if implemented would make you a better leader Including strategies around having difficult conversations, increasing self awareness, being aware of the values of ourselves and of the people we lead, being aware of the stories we tell ourselves that may or may not be true , how to build trust and courage in the people that you lead.Dare To Lead is written in a way that feels like you re having a conversation with Brown She gives examples from her own experience and also asks open questions styled in a coaching method to encourage the reader to think about how these experiences relate to their own life.About Bren BrownBren Brown is a Research Professor at the University of Huston, is a Social Worker and delivers talks and training on leadership around innovation, creativity and change Brown has worked with Pixar Disney and Facebook around leadership.Dare To Lead by Bren Brown is available to buy on.Review soon,Antony

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