Simon Girty:The Renegade “White Devil” Warrior of the Pennsylvania Wilderness Frontier (1843) (English Edition) Prime –

Simon Girty:The Renegade “White Devil” Warrior of the Pennsylvania Wilderness Frontier (1843) (English Edition) Simon Girty was an American colonial of Scots Irish birth who served as a liaison between the British and their Indian allies during the American Revolution He was portrayed as a villain, called the White Savage, in many early history texts of the United States, and was also featured this way in nineteenth and early twentieth century United States fictionAs children, Girty and his brothers were taken captive in Pennsylvania in a Seneca raid and adopted by Indian families He lived with the Seneca for seven years and became fully assimilated, preferring their culture He was returned to his birth family but retained a sympathy for the IndiansAfter he gained the respect of the Mingoes by running the gauntlet successfully, the Mingo pulled out all of Simon Girty s hair, leaving just a scalplock on his crown Later, Simon was given breechcoth and leggings, a deerskin shirt, and moccasinsSimon Girty lived with Guyasuta for seven years He was returned to the British in November , during a prisoner exchange after the end of Pontiac s WarDuring the period when Simon Girty lived with them , Guyasuta and the Ohio Seneca fought in many battles against the British in the French and Indian War Guyasuta was instrumental in defeat of Major James Grant at the Battle of Fort Duquesne on September ,The French and Indian War officially ended in , but hostilities between the Indians and the British continued in Pontiac s War Guyasuta and the Ohio Seneca were allied with Pontiac, and fought the British alongside his warriors at the JulySiege of Fort Pitt, the July ,Battle of Bloody Run, the August ,Battle of Bushy Run, and the September ,Devil s Hole Massacre the deadliest engagement for British soldiers during the war It s unclear if Simon Girty fought along with Guyasuta in this warOn October British commander Henry Bouquet demanded that the Ohio Indians return all captives, including those not yet returned from the French and Indian War Chief Guyasuta and other native leaders reluctantly handed overthancaptives, many of whom had been adopted into Indian families On November Simon Girty returned to the British after a prisoner exchange, and resurfaced near Fort Pitt Simon Girty knewlanguages, had become fully assimilated with the Seneca, and preferred their way of lifeSimon Girty was the principal interpreter at the signing of the Treaty of Fort Stanwix between the Iroquois and the BritishContentsSimon GirtyCharacter and causes of desertionHis attack on WheelingRescues KentonHis battle at the Piqua TownsPresent at the burning of Colonel CrawfordHis present speech before a grand council of the Indians at ChillicotheHis attack on Bryant s Station and battle of the Blue LicksHis subsequent lifeWhiskey insurrectionWayne s war and victoryConclusionThis book originally published inhas been reformatted for the Kindle and may contain an occasional imperfection original spellings have been kept in place

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