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First Things First What are the most important things in your life Do they get as much care, emphasis, and time as you d like to give them Far from the traditional beefficient time management book with shortcut techniques, First Things First shows you how to look at your use of time totally differently Using this book will help you create balance between your personal and professional responsibilities by putting first things first and acting on them Covey teaches an organizing process that helps you categorize tasks so you focus on what is important, not merely what is urgent First you divide tasks into these quadrants Important and Urgent crises, deadline driven projects Important, Not Urgent preparation, prevention, planning, relationships Urgent, Not Important interruptions, many pressing matters Not Urgent, Not Important trivia, time wastersMost people spend most of their time in quadrantsand , while quadrantis where quality happens Doingthings faster is no substitute for doing the right things, says Covey He points you toward the real human needs to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy and how to balance your time to achieve a meaningful life, not just get things done Joan PriceThis is the latest time management book from the author of TheHabits of Highly Effective People CopyrightReed Business Information, Inc

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