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No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks (Hörbuch-Download): Amazon.de: Ed Viesturs, David Roberts, Stephen Hoye, Books on Tape: Audible Audiobooks This gripping and triumphant memoir follows a living legend of extreme mountaineering as he makes his assault on history, one , meter summit at a time Foryears, Ed Viesturs pursued climbing s holy grail to stand atop the world s, meter peaks, without the aid of bottled oxygen But No Shortcuts to the Top is as much about the man who would become the first American to achieve that goal as it is about his stunning quest As Viesturs recounts the stories of his most harrowing climbs, he reveals a man torn between the flat, safe world he and his loved ones share and the majestic and deadly places where only he can go A preternaturally cautious climber who once turned backfeet from the top of Everest but who would not shrink from a peak Annapurna known to claim the life of one climber for every two who reached its summit, Viesturs lives by an unyielding motto Reaching the summit is optional Getting down is mandatory It is with this philosophy that he vividly describes fatal errors in judgment made by his fellow climbers, as well as a few of his own close calls and gallant rescues And, for the first time, he details his own pivotal and heroic role in theEverest disaster made famous in Jon Krakauer s Into Thin Air No Shortcuts to the Top is than the first full account of one of the staggering accomplishments of our time it is a portrait of a brave and devoted family man and the beliefs that shaped this most perilous and magnificent pursuit I would recommend this book to everyone who likes reading about mountain climbing The author describes his journey to all the 8000ers in interesting way incl expressing his feelings, personal attitutes to climbing and motivation There is virtually no unnecessary chitchat departing from the main subject, i.e climbing Overall, the book provides absorbing account of the feats accomplished by one of the most prominent Himalaya climbers. Ed Viesturs is without a doubt a great mountaineer but a terrible, terrible writer I really had a hard time finishing the book despite being fascinated by the subject matter. I actually really like the book and have nothing but the utmost respect for Ed Viesturs To read about all his adventures, his ups and downs, his amazing perseverance and determination is just inspiring His struggle to pay for university to become a vet only to give it all up to become a climber and not just any climber, one of THE best in the world The many jobs he took to make ends meet just to be able to afford the climbing permits required in Nepal will leave anyone in awe What a life Congratulations I wish though I had just read the book as the audible version is what I didn t like The reader is clueless about the pronunciation of the names of the peaks If you read a book that s set on a global stage out loud, you should perhaps get a little educated beforehand Sorry Viesturs Buch ist das f r mich bisher sympathischste unter allen Autobiografien bzw Erlebnisberichten bekannter Extrembergsteiger Denn es schildert erfreulich unpr tenti s die langsame aber sehr bestimmte Enticklung eines materiell nicht unbedingt immer besonders beg nstigten jungen Bergf hres hin zum ersten US Amerikaner, der auf allen 14 Achttausendern stand und das ohne Zuhilfenahme von Sauerstoff Anders als andere noch lebende bzw dann doch schon tote Kollegen war er nicht immer bereit, das totale Risiko einzugehen, bzw sich in die totale Exposition zu begeben Daf r gab er so manche Gipfel Chance preis und rettete diversen Menschen am Berg das Leben, die einen Schritt zu weit gegangen waren.Auch wer schon alles kennt Karl, Messner, Kammerlander, Lafaille, Scott etc , sollte das Buch unbedingt lesen, nicht nur um Viesturs Rolle im von Krakauer geschilderten Drama am Everest zu verstehen.Unbedingt 5 Sterne.

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