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The Shining Mountain It s a preposterous plan Still, if you do get up it, I think it ll be the hardest thing that s been done in the HimalayaSo spoke Chris Bonington when Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker presented him with their plan to tackle the unclimbed West Wall of Changabang the Shining Mountain in 1976 Bonington s was one of thepositive responses most felt the climb impossibly hard, especially for a two man, lightweight expedition This was, after all, perhaps the most fearsome and technically challenging granite wall in the Garhwal Himalaya and an ascent particularly one in a lightweight style would besignificant than anything done on Everest at the time The idea had been Joe Tasker s He had photographed the sheer, shining, white granite sweep of Changabang s West Wall on a previous expedition and asked Pete to return with him the following year Tasker contributes a second voice throughout Boardman s story, which starts with acclimatisation, sleeping in a Salford frozen food store, and progresses through three nights of hell, marooned in hammocks during a storm, to moments of exultation at the variety and intricacy of the superb, if punishingly difficult, climbing It is a story of how climbing a mountain can become an all consuming goal, of the tensions inevitable in forty days of isolation on a two man expedition as well as a record of the moment of joy upon reaching the summit ridge against all odds First published in 1978, The Shining Mountain is Peter Boardman s first book It is a very personal and honest story that is also amusing, lucidly descriptive, very exciting, and never anything but immensely readable.

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  1. Yoda's Mom Yoda's Mom says:

    It was an interesting account of his and Joe Tasker s assault of Changabang I love Boardman s writing style and humor I liked the viewpoints of each man of the other it showed that even under the most stressful conditions, trust is of utmost importance in this kind of relationship He described in detail the techniques involved and the challenges faced, but he made the account readable and interesting

  2. David A. Johnson David A. Johnson says:

    I would recommend this book to any serious or armchair climber.It was an excellent and heady account of the climb by two very accomplished British climbers Peter the author was a accomplished writer who included, among other things, very accurate descriptions of the route and moves In Joe Tasker s account probably the less literary of the two entitled Savage Arena he chose to include philosophical refle

  3. DLW DLW says:

    Great book for those who enjoy the trials and tribulations of extreme mountaineering Truly provides insight to the characters of Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker If you like Krakauer s Into Thin Air, or other K2 or Everest mountaineering books, this one is a must read.

  4. john john says:

    A great mountaineering book about an alpine two man climb of changabang the shining mountain Humorous and descriptive I really felt like the third man on the rope reading this

  5. Woodman Woodman says:

    Very good account of the climb It helps if the reader knows something about the techniques of rock climbing.Interesting description of the culture and living conditions of the native people around the mountains.

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