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The Feng Shui Handbook: How to Create a Healthier Living and Working Environment There s a lot of information here.It s a shame that so many of Master Lam s books are out of print, but great you can still get used copies here. It s such a great book, I bought a second one because so many people asked to borrow it. This is a book that truly goes into the science and history of Feng Shui It gives in depth explanations of why objects are placed in certain ways in order to be in harmony with your surroundings And for each person the positions may be different from others as every person is different from one another.It is important to read the book from the beginning and not skip over chapters, as only by understanding the fundamental concepts can one follow the true philosophy of Feng Shui and live in harmony with nature and it s elements earth,wind,water,wood and fire If you just wanted a quick fix for a room make over, buy a design magazine But if you are really interested in the art of Feng Shui, this is a fascinating read. This is a great starter book for Feng Shui enthusiasts What I absolutely love are the clear illustrations, that permit the building and non building professional to attain the same understanding of the concepts It is a book I can comfortably share with non building professionals to understand the basic concepts It definitely does not go indepth and allows the growth of desire to learn. Feng shui, pronounced fung shoy , is the Chinese art of arranging your life and surroundings in accordance with the forces of the universe This guide presents the philosophy of this art, and shows how to use feng shui to bring harmonious energy into the home or office, thus promoting both health and general wellbeing Part one introduces the history of feng shui and the principles that have developed over the centuries Feng shui practitioners draw from this ancient wisdom, passed down for thousands of years, to bring good fortune and health to their clients It explains our relationship with nature through the nine aspects of feng shui, and how the position and design of buildings or funishings relate to our health and wellbeing Part two puts theory into practice Clearly illustrated directions show how to lay out your home or work environment according to location and design It enables readers to use the instructions to create a harmonious home where energies work together to promote health and wellbeing Feng shui is used in preparation for many major events in the Chinese calendar, including the Chinese New Year in February The publication date for this title was obtained through feng shui by Master Lam and chosen for its auspicious aspects Master Lam Kam Chuen is the author of The Way of Energy and Step by Step Tai Chi He is the presenter of the TV series, Stand Still and Be Fit , based on his book Way of Energy

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