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McCollum, M: You'll Never See Daylight Again The gritty prison memoir of Michaella McCollum, one half of the infamous Peru Two , imprisoned in a Peruvian jail for attempting to smuggle kg of cocaine from Peru to Madrid in AugustShe was just a regular girl, spending the summer working at a bar in Ibiza, until she was approached by a man who asked her if she d like to make some quick, easy moneyand it would change her life forever This is the truth of her time in prison, told through her own diaries and letters to her mother, family and friends, recounting tales of vicious guards, psychotic inmates and horrendous prison conditions A brilliantly affecting tale of a naive young girl who starts out in the Ibiza party scene and comes of age in the dark heart of Peru, before finally emerging into the sun a stronger, confident, mature young woman

10 thoughts on “McCollum, M: You'll Never See Daylight Again

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    Ein super spannendes Buch Klasse und verst ndlich geschrieben.zum hineinversetzen Nur zu empfehlen

  2. Jennie Andrews Jennie Andrews says:

    I think the whole prison experience is real but she done alright for a foreign national drug smuggler her reasons for leaving Northern Ireland I find odd considering she s too young to have experienced the troubles also I doubt very much she agreed to take drugs to another country while at a party also the bit about the guy callin her a kid made her decide to take drugs is la

  3. Lilo Lilo says:

    I expected this to read like a Katie Price autobiography How wrong was I This book is a fantastic read I could not put it down I m 250 pages in Michaella , you have been 100 percent open and upfront Bless you and your twins A must read I hop me she goes into colleges and universities , the youth of today need to hear her story xx

  4. Deborah Randall Deborah Randall says:

    I wasn t too sure what to expect from this book I didn t want to read a book full of self pity and I didn t.Told with honesty it s a shocking story of how one bad decision can change a life dramatically I wish Michaela nothing but the best.

  5. Bernue Dunne Bernue Dunne says:

    This woman is using her conviction and stupidity to gain fame, money and admiration when in reality she should be hanging her head in shame absolute rubbish, don t waste your time or money

  6. Xi Xi says:

    Wow literally couldn t put this book down I ordered it as soon as I seen her on Loraine I had followed the story so I was interested in reading it in her own words, and I wasn t sorry Michaella goes into great detail about a lot of things in the book I can t believe she went through all this and came out so strong I m also a firm believer of everything happens for a reason this certainly hap

  7. Rachel Allen Rachel Allen says:

    Very well written I would highly recommend this book I raced through it, desperately wanting to find out what happened next It was an informative, shocking, sickening, humbling, hopeful read.

  8. Paul H Paul H says:

    A fascinating insight and an honest account of what happened to the Peru 2 told from Michaella s perspective.All young people who travel abroad should read this and learn from the mistakes and naivety of these two.She grew up whilst inside and will, I am sure, lead a virtuous life.Well written too.

  9. Laura elliott Laura elliott says:

    Loved this book a real eye opener of the truth and not how the media portrayed it Definitely recommend Xx

  10. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I bought this after seeing a brief interview So glad I did You always wonder what would possess someone to try and smuggle drugs, and this shows the human side Those girls have definitely been punished for their actions This is the truth of what they endured written by one of the Peru Two who we all remember from being all over the papers.

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