Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again Prime –

Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again One of America s top doctors reveals how AI will empower physicians and revolutionize patient care Medicine has become inhuman, to disastrous effect The doctor patient relationship the heart of medicine is broken doctors are too distracted and overwhelmed to truly connect with their patients, and medical errors and misdiagnoses abound In Deep Medicine, leading physician Eric Topol reveals how artificial intelligence can help AI has the potential to transform everything doctors do, from notetaking and medical scans to diagnosis and treatment, greatly cutting down the cost of medicine and reducing human mortality By freeing physicians from the tasks that interfere with human connection, AI will create space for the real healing that takes place between a doctor who can listen and a patient who needs to be heardInnovative, provocative, and hopeful, Deep Medicine shows us how the awesome power of AI can make medicine better, for all the humans involvedEric J Topol, MD is a widely respected cardiologist and the Executive Vice President of Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California Trained at Johns Hopkins University, he conducted one of the first trials of a genetically engineered protein for treating heart attacks, was the founder of the world s first cardiovascular gene bank at the Cleveland Clinic, and was one of the first cardiologists to raise an alarm over the dangerous side effects of Vioxx His work has been citedthan , times, making him the th most cited researcher on Google Scholar The author of The Patient Will See You Now and The Creative Destruction of Medicine, he was named Doctor of the Decade by the Institute for Scientific Information as well as a rock star of science by GQ He lives with his family in La Jolla, California

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