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What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: A Memoir (Vintage International) I am neither a professional runner nor a writer What I do is jogging casually around the lake near where I live every week and writing my journal from time to time However, I find this book so engaging and inspiring especially when Haruki talks about the subtle intertwining between physical health and creativity I didn t start reading this book because I wanted to get inspired or to learn some life lessons, but rather just for fun It turned out to be a great pleasure reading it and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to run, to be creative, and to keep exploring what me is. Ein unterhaltsames, gleichzeitig aber auch humoristisches und mit lebensweisenden Zitaten, die mehr oder weniger im Kontext zum Joggen stehen, geschriebenes Buch Jeder Hobby Jogger sollte dieses Buch lesen und sich in den beschriebenen Erfahrungen des Autors als Jogger widerfinden. I am 52 and finished my first marathon on April 8th 2018 I always loved running but the training for the marathon changed my life and the way I feel about running.Murakami speaks with his mind and heart and he seems like a great guy who loves to run and challenge himself Good story telling of his different races I recommend to average people who just want to discover the mysterious side of running. I really enjoyed this book.I am a runner and I have read couple of Murakami s novels before, so I got really curious about this book But while I was reading it I realized that it might be interesting also for non runners and for people that are not familiar with the work of the author Through the prism of the long distance running, Murakami poses some questions that are valid for everyone of us and shares his viewpoint in a very humble, kind and not intruding manner Finishing the book left me with a warm feeling in my heart. I love his views on running and will borrow the mantra he has in the introduction I really enjoyed reading this book As a fan of Murakami s work and a pretty new runner, this book had it all for me It reads as a kind of biography mixed with a running journal with the addition of Murakami s philosophy of life It is a hard book to describe but is just a good, unpretentious look into this great author s mind I highly recommend it. Murakami schreibt dar ber, wie er zum Laufen gekommen ist und wie sich sein Tagesablauf und sein K rper dadurch ver ndert haben In der f r ihn typischen Art philosophisch und dabei unaufdringlich l sst er einflie en, was ihn bewegt und auf welche Art er sein Leben meistert.Ein Muss f r Murakami Fans, f r alle anderen vielleicht etwas langatmig.Als Murakami Einstieg w rde ich andere B cher empfehlen, zum Beispiel Kafka On The Shore oder A wild Sheep Chase. Another non fiction book by Murakami so dont expect a story.I was hoping for a biography documentary type book by and on Haruki Murakami and he wrote this.I was unsure of it when i bought but i ended up loving it.I love the author but also wanted to start running so it was 2 birds one stone.I really enjoyed his routine, his diary like running and experiences in different countries.This is a must if you are thinking of running.He was after all 33 when he decided to start running and still does religiously at nearly 70 Very inspirational to me.A great background into his running,some humour involved,albeit shorter than his fiction novels but perfect length although i didnt want it to end.Funny enough i did visualise what i was doing in the past when he mentioned preparing for famous past marathons.Overall it wont be to everyones taste but to me i enjoyed it, i just hope he releases an in depth book into his life.Highly recommend to the reader interested in the subject. An intimate look at writing, running, and the incredible way they intersect, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is an illuminating glimpse into the solitary passions of one of our greatest artistsWhile training for the New York City Marathon, Haruki Murakami decided to keep a journal of his progress The result is a memoir about his intertwined obsessions with running and writing, full of vivid recollections and insights, including the eureka moment when he decided to become a writer By turns funny and sobering, playful and philosophical, here is a rich and revelatory work that elevates the human need for motion to an art form Yes, if you ve ever read a Murakami story Yes, if you ever lace up a pair of trainers and run to your own personal rhythm Yes, if you re interested in the art of the novel Yes, if you re none of those You ll find a friend in these pages.As you would expect from a writer of his pedigree, a book about the activity he has pursued since 1982, running, is about much that the non runner running averse can get their teeth into As the writer himself says in Chapter One running is both exercise and a metaphor p10 This philosophy is made apparent in the approach he has taken to writing and presenting this book, and he subsequently reveals much of his inner self as reflected upon the choices he has made and those activities he has chosen to pursue.This is not a brash book revealing a brash personality boosted by the buzz of running No, it s a book about an individual constantly reinventing and fighting to find elements of a self that he is content to call his own I think this is something we can all relate to, whatever lifestyle choices we make or have made.Of course, as a runner, a reader of Haruki and a bit of a word doodler, you could say that this is a book tailored to me Again, I think the book s reach is far broader than that as a reader, I enjoy opening my mind to experiences that lie beyond my own world, as you can only really be enlightened by that which you don t already know or have realised.That s not to say that this book, as I have already mentioned, doesn t have any value for those to whom it appears to be made, such as me far from it Through reading the reflections of someone as perceptive as Murakami on issues we well I , for sure have all wrestled with or experienced, you are able to smile at a metaphorical moment shared and or be comforted by a familiar problem or obstacle surmounted.Yes, I guess, for me, the time with this book was like time spent with a good friend we talked, we laughed, we consoled, we supported, and then we went home It was all too brief and we haven t changed the world, but the time we spent together was special and a great comfort to us both.And for those of you whose world of experience falls beyond that of Haruki, running and writing, you are, therefore, in a position to be enlightened, in some small way, about an aspect of each, which takes me back to what I enjoy about a book and, consequently, makes me think that you d enjoy it, too.Which is a long winded way of reiterating that I think there is something in this short book for everyone that, whilst not maybe world changing, is life affirming and entertaining, and isn t that really enough to expect

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