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South: The Endurance Expedition (Penguin Modern Classics) The Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition was perhaps the most ambitious, elaborate and confident of all the British attempts to master the South Pole Like the others it ended in disaster, with the Endeavour first trapped and then crushed to pieces in the ice and its crew trapped in the Antarctic, seemingly doomed to a slow and horrible death In the face of extraordinary odds, Shackleton, the expedition s leader, decided on the only course that might just save them anautical mile voyage in a small boat across the ferocious Southern Ocean in the forelorn hope of reaching the only human habitation within range a small whaling station on the rugged, ice sheeted island of South Georgia South tells the story both of the whole astonishing expedition and of Shackleton s journey to rescue his men one of the greatest feats of navigation ever recorded

About the Author: Ernest Shackleton

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the South: The Endurance Expedition (Penguin Modern Classics) book, this is one of the most wanted Ernest Shackleton author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “South: The Endurance Expedition (Penguin Modern Classics)

  1. asci.tk asci.tk says:

    danach las ich den rest in einem Rutsch ein tablet mit den karten und photos sei empfohlen Auch Google maps hilft insbesondere beim aurora teil.

  2. Florian Florian says:

    Shackleton hat mehr f r die Menschheit getan, als viele Nobelpreistr ger Dieses Buch bringt das hervor Er war ein guter Mann

  3. Roadrunner Roadrunner says:

    Die Kindle Edition ist gratis, von daher ist jede Kritik relativ Das Preis Leistungs Verh ltnis stimmt jedenfalls.Der Expeditionsbericht ist gut zu lesen und durchaus spannend Scan Fehler habe ich keine gefunden.Aber einige Verbesserungsvorschl ge h tte ich dann doch an eine Stelle wird im Text auf eine Skizze mit der Lage des Schiffs im Packeis verwiesen Diese Skizze fehlt Kartenmaterial fehlt v llig, ebenso die immer wieder erw hnten Fotos von der Expedition am Ende gibt es mehrere Seiten Index, die abe

  4. Vorlich Vorlich says:

    One star because I have to tick something but absolutely ZERO stars for this, I never received it Hadn t even noticed I had been billed for it.

  5. Alfred Wernhardt Alfred Wernhardt says:

    Leider habe ich den Bstelltext nicht richtig gelesen, da stand einwandfrei Sprache Englisch schade Ich hatte aber das Buch gelesen.Ich wollte es aber auf dem Kindle haben habe es aber leider auf englisch.Das Buch ist sehr gut Shackleton hatte seinen 27 Mnnern versprochenich bringe euch alle nach hause er schaffte es

  6. vic spicer vic spicer says:

    i recall a radio interview with andrea barrett from a while back it went something like other explorers may make you famous shackelton will get you home.told in a very victorian matter of fact way, with a slight self effacing humor, shackelton was no great author but he and his men were part of the intelligent, sensitive generation of young men destroyed during the great war they d even offered to give up their mission and serve in the impending conflict, but churchill told them to go ahead with their efforts.mixed with the m

  7. Susan Paxton Susan Paxton says:

    Although there have been a number of new books and reprints recently focusing on the Endurance expedition, this is the one book everyone should read, Sir Ernest Shackleton s own story of the tragedy he turned into a triumph Shackleton fully covers the expedition from its inception, through the loss of the Endurance, the stranding of the men on desolate Elephant Island, the majestic small boat journey in search of rescue to South Georgia, the many attempts to evacuate the men from Elephant Island, and the little known story of the Ro

  8. Online Customer Online Customer says:

    This is a well known survival story of mind over matter and human perseverance in the face of unimaginable adversity Also one of the classic examples of leadership If you don t know the story of the endurance expedition then I d urge you to do a bit of research If you already know it as I and probably most other readers did I d still recommend this book as it s interesting to read Shackletons own account What strikes me is the complete lack of bravado or any sense of exaggeration in anything he describes, which is quite extraordinary consi

  9. Tariki Tariki says:

    Long ago I read a full biography of Sir Ernest Shackleton and it has always remained in my memory, with the chapters devoted to the 1914 17 expedition being the undoubted highlight The reality of the entire expedition, with many excerpts from the diaries of the various participants, put virtually all adventure novels to shame Here, by virtue of those who have enabled the publication of this ebook thank you , the first hand account of Ernest Shackleton can be read A great story told by one of the greats of polar exploration Excellent.

  10. An hometrainer-tests.de Customer An hometrainer-tests.de Customer says:

    I have seen the Channel 4 film and have a large coffee table book about Shackleton, but reading this in his own words, is a different experience.It is almost impossible to imagine the hardships experienced by these men, in appalling weather conditions of almost non stop blizzards and temperatures down to 50 degrees F below freezing Not for weeks, or months, but for years Totally cut off from the outside world, no means of communicating with each other It makes man s greatest achievement the moon landings almost seem like a walk in the park And there is

  11. kindler kindler says:

    I downloaded this randomly for free and I have to say it is the best free Kindle download I have chosen yet I remain glad I downloaded it and would actually pay full price to read a book like this.It s so detailed and yet covers the sweeping adventure of Shackleton and his team exploring the Antarctic in the early twentieth century It s in diary format for the most part, with gaps filled in here and there The story of the men involved as well as the landscape itself and the wildlife it s compelling I really enjoyed it, although certain parts did upset me a lit

  12. Druid Druid says:

    Though with no human enemy, this is a story reminiscent of Xenophon s Anabasis , even to the extent that the Sea is the goal, and that of a leader looking after and eventually delivering his men.The detail of the diary of the escape off the ice to Elephant Island and thence to South Georgia is astounding and provocative, yet delivered almost deadpan, without ostentation What now, what should be next and how to achieve it.The book also relates the story of the Ross Sea party, where sadly there were casualties, not to be discovered until later.I had been expecting some

  13. S J Duckworth S J Duckworth says:

    if you thought you were a hard man read this book, THEY were hard men They never complained except that 20 F was too warm Hard to credit this happened not quite a century ago Rubbish equipment, rubbish food, no contact with the outside world for months at a time A walk over South Georgia, over the glaciers at 4000 feet in rotten boots and torn clothing Barely believable After reading this you will think twice about complaining about anything ever again Maps, data and sketches not included in this ebook though which is a shame.

  14. Peter.S Peter.S says:

    Whilst reading the book on Kindle, I decided to bookmark the co ordinates given by Shackleton in the book and then look them up on Google Earth It worked and I was able to see Shackleton s locations as described by him Where no co ordinates were given, I simply put the name of various islands mentioned by Shackleton and Google Earth took me there.I would advise that once you put the co ordinates into Google Earth and the search is completed, you zoom out so that you can see land mass and use them as a reference point Obviously, with Shackleton and his men being on ice floes, this

  15. SpoonyA3D SpoonyA3D says:

    Wow, just finished it.Firstly to clear up the 1 reviews Correct, there are no photos, I was disappointed with the lack of photos at first but I was totally captivated so it gets 5 It s a free book If you want photos, cough up and pay for it, or you can search Shackleton s Antarctic Expedition on the internet and find dozens of maps and photos like what I did This book is excellently written, what he and the rest of the team went through, with what we now deem as primitive equipment, simply beggars belief Nobody died on his watch Endurance He is factual in his account and modest with his

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