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Lost In Translation: A Life in a New Language In year old Eva Hoffman left her home in Cracow, Poland for a new life in America This memoir evokes with deep feeling the sense of uprootendess and exile created by this disruption, something which has been the experience of tens of thousands of people this centuryHer autobiography is profoundly personal but also tells one of the most universal and important narratives of twentieth century history the story of Jewish post war experience and the tragedies and discoveries born of cultural displacement Eva Hoffman s writing makes quality reading Except for the last few pages, which were a bit too repetitive, the author s style is flows well A book well worth reading. The book is printed with a kind of not looking so good quality paper but it s OK for a travel book The content is interesting and allows you to know about the Jewish immigrant in the USA in the last century Strongly recommended for the students of North America Studies. I am a woman born from a multi cultural marriage an American mother and a Jewish Hungarian father who met in Florence, Italy a neutral third ground I deeply appriaciated Eva Hoffmann s description of her life in two places For me who has always lived in one, I feel divisions in identity at a different leve But as a daughter of parents from different cultural backrounds, I recognize the constant sense of loss and tension between and among memories and experiences originating in different places under different sets of values I am deeply interested in this topic and have found few books that I appreciated than Ms Hoffmann s I would like to suggest to people with similar interest a book that seems to me to take up where Lost in traslation ends It is called Mother Tongue, An American life in Italy The author, Wallis Wilde Menozzi, lives in Italy and describes the divisions and syntheses in her experience of bi culturalism in a complex and lyrical way that touches finally the minute core of being Alessandra Pauncz

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